Lisa Robinson

Lisa grew up in Kearney, Nebraska, where she attended the University of Nebraska-Kearney earning a Bachelor of Arts Degree in K-12 Physical Education, Master of Science Degree in K-12 Guidance and Counselor and an Education Specialist Degree in K-12 Principalship. She served as a School Counselor in Nebraska for 10 years and one year a Personal/Career Counselor at Iowa Western Community College.  While in Nebraska, Lisa served as President-elect and President of Nebraska Professional Counselor Association during which time she organized 3 years of state conventions for 700 attendees. Additionally, during this time she worked with the executive board to develop a state law on licensing of private practice counselors, hiring and working with a lobbyist and testifying before the Nebraska Unicameral committee in support of the need for the law. In March of 1992, Lisa attended a conference in Denver, where she met several teachers from Wyoming, and they discussed differences in education in each state. She was impressed with the direction they spoke about and decided she was interested in being part of Wyoming education.   Lisa moved to Green River in August of 1992 as Counselor for Green River High School.   She has served as a counselor, an Assistant, and a Physical Education teacher in Sweetwater County School District #2 for the past 25 years.

Lisa has served on the Castle Rock Hospital Board of Trustees for 6 years and has enjoyed learning about our local, state and national healthcare systems.