The Castle Rock Special Hospital District is a state authorized body with the mission of providing medical services for the citizens of the District. It is governed by an elected Board of Trustees.

  • 1957: The first organizational meeting of the District was held on September 12th. During the meetings of ’57, ’58, and ’59 discussions were held on construction of a hospital. The Board’s findings determined that government regulations would not justify a hospital and the Board discontinued regular meetings and became dormant for some ten years.

  • 1975: There was a renewed interest in health care delivery in Green River. The Board began researching the legal feasibility of a “Hospital District” building an outpatient “Clinic”. Discussions on possible site locations were held throughout ’75 and ’76.

  • 1977: The Board contracted to conduct a Feasibility Study to document the extent of need for an outpatient clinic in Green River. After receiving a ruling from the Attorney General’s Office, that Hospital Districts are allowed to rent space in outpatient clinics to private physicians, a 14 acre parcel of land on Uinta Drive was selected.

  • 1978: The Board began preparations to take the question of building a clinic before the voters in the form of a Bond Election. A physician recruitment program was initiated. The bond issue passed by a close margin of 11 votes, after a vote canvas the margin increased to 40 votes. The Town of Green River agreed on a selling price of $60,000 for the 14 acres of land on south Uinta Drive. The deed to the land included a reversionary clause stating that if the 1.90 acres of land was not utilized by 1989, this land would revert back to the Town of Green River.

  • 1979: The floor plan for the clinic was finalized and soil tests were conducted at the site. The official ground breaking ceremony was held in June and a Call for Bids published. Construction began in March. Purchase of furniture and equipment was initiated. Leases were signed for radio graphic services, and Southwest Counseling Service. The Castle Rock Medical Center was completed in December and two physicians began seeing patients in the new facility. The other tenants planned to take occupancy in January.

  • 1983: The Ambulance Service was officially transferred to the District in February. Purchase of data processing equipment began. Construction neared completion and furniture and equipment for the expansion was selected and ordered.
Conversion from manual to computer bookkeeping system began.

  • 1985: Discussions began on having a feasibility study completed on the possibility of the district building a Skilled Nursing Facility. A physical therapist was hired and the department activated. The board finalized plans to have the feasibility study completed. Following completion of Phase I, Phase II was conducted. Results indicated that a definite need for a Long Term Care Facility existed and the board approved initiating the Certificate of Need process.

  • 1988: Construction of the facilities continued. SNF/PCU department heads were hired in late summer. The selection of equipment and furniture for the SNF/PCU began. The Board approved the lease of the FMC garage with an option to buy. The Castle Rock Convalescent Center and The Villa were completed and the first resident admitted November 28th.